Our Mission Statement is simple. We seek to delight our guests with healthy, delicious, sustainable, and compassionate plant-based food and beverages in a way that ensures you’ll keep coming back.

We are proud of the plant-based dishes we serve. We believe that we’ve got a leg up since all the tasty food – spices, fruit, beans, greens, garlic, onions, roots, peppers, and green chilis – the things you need to use to “enhance” the flavor of animal dishes – is already plant-based. We also brew kombucha in-house. Check our menu for our current kombucha flavors.

Lastly, the Golden Burro has a strong focus on sustainability. We compost our scraps and we make all attempts to use compostable single use items whenever we can.

Our food is delicious, filling and good for you, the animals AND the environment. Come see us in Downtown Leadville Colorado and see for yourself.

Our Menu

Delicious plant-based meals, served in the historic Golden Burro in Leadville, Colorado!


To delight our guests with delicious, healthful, sustainable and compassionate food and beverages.