About the Owners

The Golden Burro was purchased and renovated by Marcee and Dan in 2020, Leadville locals who are passionate about plant-based nutrition. Here is the story of how they came to own the historic Golden Burro and be a part of the Burro’s story.

Dan and Marcee began their journey searching for a place to set up a small kombucha and smoothie bar in Leadville. When they began their search, they never imagined it would
become such an elaborate endeavor.

They searched the area for a good spot to see their dream come to life, but we unable to find a location that met their needs. In their search, they came across the Golden Burro, that was in need of adoption. Put the two together and here they are today with the biggest rescue animal in Leadville!

While the Golden Burro had been running in Leadville for a long time, it was in desperate need of renovation. Marcee and Dan were committed to seeing the Burro restored to its original 1950’s splendor. The restoration is now complete and The Golden Burro is back open and serving up delicious dishes to Leadville locals and visitors alike.

Marcee and Dan both approached veganism for its health benefits, as well as the ethical reasons.

Ten years ago, Marcee had polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), a potentially debilitating form of arthritis and osteopenia. Her doctor had her taking all kinds of medications, some with horrible side effects. One day, she saw a Sanjay Gupta episode on CNN where doctors reversed President Clinton’s heart disease with an anti-inflammatory diet – a plant-based diet.

Marcee immediately saw the connection between an inflammatory diet and her PMR, went plant-based. She was off all her medication within a matter of weeks! Today she has no symptoms whatsoever.

As far as Dan’s story, about 7 years ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer. Now cancer is a tough nut with a whole host of causes, and a year or two of being vegan isn’t going to magically undo 55 years of hard living.

Dan opted for a surgical intervention with a 95% success rate. That was the hard part. But his doctor told him, “Dan, by sticking to a whole food, plant based diet you can double your odds of a complete cure.” And you know what? Compared to the traditional cutting, burning, and poisoning “choices” most cancer victims are faced with, that’s the easy part.

Dan and Marcee are committed to a plant-based diet, and the Golden Burro could be no other way! Read more about why the Burro serves plant-based foods and their core values here.