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                                                                                          WOW!!!  We never                                                                         figured our little “tails” from                                                        The Golden Burro would be so popular                                     among so many folks, who either own their own                       restaurants or are accustomed to eating out.  So, we’ve “archived” these past weekly “tails” for those who missed them earlier, when they were originally posted.  ENJOY!!!:

Volume I  -  Published 10-19-2018

Volume II  -  Published 10-26-2018

Volume III  -  Published 11-2-2018

Volume IV  -  Published 11-9-2018

Volume V  -  Published 11-16-2018

Special Ghost Volume  -  Published 11-23-2018

Special Ghost Volume 2  -  Published 11-30-2018

Volume VII  -  Published 12-7-2018

Volume VIII  -  Published 12-14-2018

Volume IX  -  Published 12-21-2018

Volumes I - V:

Stories about some of the interesting things some of our customers have done!

Volumes VI and VI-2:  

True Stories of ghosts inside the Golden Burro as witnessed by employees

Volumes VII-IX:

True historical stories, some with ghost stories and some with historical stories about the Golden Burro!

Volume X  -  Published 12-28-2018   YEAR END RE-CAP

New Episodes starting 2019  -  Click Here