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Golden Burro Performances & Schedule
("Brass Ass" Saloon)

"Discover Leadville"
Featuring local historian Gretchen Scanlon

Discover Leadville #1 There is absolutely no place like Leadville for exciting early west history. From the 1860 gold discovery up the California Gulch, to the silver boom some 15 years later, Leadville hosted such famous and infamous characters as the "unsinkable" Molly Brown, gunslinger Doc Holliday, con man "Soapy" Smith... presidents and senators, millionaires prospectors… fortunes made and fortunes lost... all were a part of Leadville's amazing history.

To help you enjoy Leadville while you're here and learn all the places to visit so you can re-live our amazing history, you won't want to miss this one hour performance by Ms. Scanlon. Her performance will give you an amazing insight into Leadville's past, how the fortunes were made and lost here, the incredible list of famous people who lived, invested and visited Leadville, and where to go in the Leadville area to experience these amazing stories first hand.

Learn about the famous "Badger Fight" where visiting politicians were given a run for their money... the ghosts of the Gallagher Mine... Discover Leadville #2 Oscar Wilde's visit to Leadville and his trip down one of the mines... what to look for when you visit the Healy House or where to hike to for an amazing visit to Interlaken... learn where the Little Johnny Mine (of Molly Brown fame) is located, and what to look for when visiting the National Mining Hall of Fame... when "Chicken" Bill Lovell salted his mine, what happened next? Learn the amazing history of the world famous Tabor Opera House and the rags-to-riches and back-to-rags story of the Tabors... how to get to the Matchless Mine for an incredible tour in itself.

Questions are welcomed during the performance and we believe this is absolutely the very best hour you can spend in Leadville. No purchase necessary, but we'd love to have you enjoy dinner first if you'd like, at the Golden Burro Café & Lounge, then move through the swinging saloon doors to the adjacent "Brass Ass" Reserve your spot now! Saloon... or just stop in... every Thursday evening at 7:15 pm. This program is for all ages and is offered FREE as a service to our wonderful Leadville visitors. (tips welcomed). Because of the popularity of this program, reservations for either dinner and/or the show are encouraged: 719-486-1239.

Musical Entertainment

You've been walking and shopping the streets of Leadville, perhaps hiking our world famous Mineral Belt Trail or driving through our National Historic District Silver King Route... it's time to "kick back" and relax. Stop in at the Golden Burro Café & Lounge for a great lunch or dinner, or even just a well deserved drink in our lounge and enjoy the mellow sounds of acoustic guitar, dulcimer and the golden voices of folk/country singers.

A great way to spend an evening or Sunday afternoon we feature recognized musical duets that include everything from light hearted sing-a-longs to just mellow listening... guitar, harmonica, dulcimer, banjo...

Some performances are free, others offered at minimal charge. Walk-ins welcomed, but reservations suggested. Please check our home page for current scheduled performances or phone us at 719-486-1239 for performance information or to make a reservation.

Poker Anyone?

Poker Texas Hold'em and even the early west's most popular game of FARO are featured regularly at the Golden Burro in our "Brass Ass" Saloon.

FARO was the game of choice in the boom town era of the early west. Doc Holliday was a FARO dealer at Hyman's Saloon in downtown Leadville and was preparing for another night when he became involved in his last shoot-out with Billy Allen there. The name FARO is actually derived from Egyptian roots and the tiger became a symbol for the game. Saloons throughout the early west who featured FARO would post a tiger on their windows to let patrons know they could "buck the tiger" inside. For those wanting to learn the game and tell their friends they "bucked the tiger" at the highest elevation gambling hall in the nation (10,182 feet above sea level), the welcome mat is out.

Texas Hold'em needs no explanation for avid poker fans and tables are set up periodically throughout the summer for gaming fans. Drinks and chow always available from 6:30 am to closing.

Because of Colorado gaming laws, we emphasize these games are FREE and there is no charge of any kind to play... they're just for fun! (Weapons must be checked at the door).

For dates and times when these games are open, please check our home page or phone us for more information: 719-486-1239

Other Entertainment
(Stand-up comics, magicians, roving musicians, special events)

Throughout the summer, the Golden Burro Café & Lounge occasionally contracts for special entertainment, including stand-up comics and magicians. Please check our home page or phone us for current schedule of events: 719-486-1239

Greatest family restaurant in Leadville Colorado
Breakfast served 6:30 am - 11:00 am every day
Lunch and Dinner served 11:00 am - 9:00 pm every day/evening
Banquets, Private Parties and Special events

710 Harrison Ave. - Leadville, CO 80461
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