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This Month

in Leadville History:


We are honoring Horace Tabor this month with our stuffed burgers!  Mention you’re having one of these delicious items and we’ll knock of 10% of any choice!  (See our menu pages for details!)


Horace Tabor is truly Leadville’s most notable icon.

It was February 4, 1878 when he was first elected mayor here (short term)

It was 15 days later he was appointed Postmaster of Leadville.

Ironically, Tabor’s vast fortune and prominence was lost over the next 20 years, and being flat broke he was appointed Postmaster of the Denver Post Office on February 19, 1898.  He worked in the very building he had donated the property for.

As a final taste of irony, Tabor’s 1st wife, Augusta, died on February 1, 1895 in Pasadena, California worth well over

$1 million dollars.

Stuff yourself like the Tabor we all know with

one of these HUGE burgers.... (click here) for description